Pro DJ Antonius returns to Seychelles SUBIOS event


Professional Seychellois-born DJ Antonius could be making his return to Seychelles for SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea, in November, after performing at the event last year and creating quite a stir.

DJ Antonius is already holding talks with the Seychelles Tourism Board to firm up his participation and to also discuss ways on how he can support the event. DJ Antonius, who is also a producer, promoter, and event organizer, has been developing his passion for music since an early age, which today has grown into the form of House Music.

Together with his business partner and sister, Helene Chow, he also runs their company – Infinite Entertainment Seychelles.

Gathering experience at the local radio (SBC) station, performing at house parties and events at various venues, and producing his own sounds, have all helped to pave the way for DJ Antonius’ professional success. His hard work paid off in 2010 when he was invited to be a judge in this year’s 10th edition of the Middle East DJ challenge. He was personally invited to be on the event’s judging panel by the Director of the Dubai-based WorldTopDJs Event Agency, Nadeem Y. Chaudhary (Winner of E-Businessman 2010 for Merchant eMedia). The invitation got him to judge alongside other top fellow DJs, such as DJ Drager (No. 2 Electro DJ in the USA), DJ Teekay (Superstar DJ in Germany and No. 2 DJ in Asia), DJ Domination (No. 1 DJ in Asia), DJ Shked (No. 1 Ukraine), DJ Saeed Murad (Legendary DJ from Lebanon), Katrin Berezhnaya (Kittygirls DJ).

DJ Antonius even had the chance to perform alongside DJ Juicy M, the number one DJ in the Ukraine and also one of the Kittygirls DJs, who hopefully will also be in Seychelles to perform at the 2011 SUBIOS, the Seychelles Festival of the Sea.

As a professional DJ, Antonius has produced several mixes, for instance Sound Effect, Try Again, Ask for More, and Deep Funky Love. He is also known for a number of live mixes such as VK Vodka Kick Party, Fabulous Rhythm Vol. 2, and Johnny Walker Keep Walking.

He recently won an award with his Johnny Walker Keep Walking mix, which was recorded live during one of his performances in Seychelles, for “track of the month for March on WTD” ( that he received during the Middle East Challenge.

Already popular in Seychelles, DJ Antonius has made numerous performances at different venues on the islands, including at last year’s SUBIOS, which is now known as the Seychelles Festival of the Sea.

This year’s festival is set to take place on November 4-6 at the usual venue at Beau Vallon and will be another occasion to showcase the islands’ magnificent marine heritage through a range of marine-oriented activities. The main highlight remains the image and film competitions.