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Hotel uniforms: 100 percent recycled!

Hotel uniforms: 100 percent recycled!

Hotel chain Room Mate Group has unveiled an important initiative that represents a major step forward in its ambitious eco-sustainability plan. As of today, all Room Mate hotel employees will wear 100% recycled uniforms, made exclusively for the chain by Ecoalf.

The company known for giving a second lease of life to what others call waste, has used the highest quality organic cotton to produce these new uniforms, whilst maintaining the same design and comfort as before. Every single part of the uniform, from the shirts, right down to the shoelaces, has been made from bottles collected from the Mediterranean Sea.

In the words of Kike Sarasola, CEO and founder of Room Mate Group, “Room Mate has always been defined by its focus on people, which is why it is so vital that we take care of the planet on which we live. Ecoalf does great work and shows us that a sustainable future is possible. Hence why I always knew that they would be the ideal partners for this initiative. This collaboration marks an important first step towards a broader commitment to the well-being of our ecosystem.”

Javier Goyeneche, CEO and founder of ECOALF, noted that “Sustainability doesn’t just relate to fashion, but to all sectors. These types of initiatives are vital and help to serve as inspiration for other companies in our industry. ECOALF is proud to engage in these types of collaborations, especially with Room Mate, where design is not only a defining characteristic for both brands but has a major impact on our planet.”

Room Mate is an unorthodox brand, defined by its innovation and its business model, which has proven that putting people and their happiness first is a recipe for success. The firm is now launching an ambitious plan focused on its eco-sustainability as a company, which it will unveil over the coming months.

Room Mate Group’s idea of 100% eco-sustainable uniforms forms part of an unprecedented global project, UTO (Upcycling the Oceans) headed up by the Ecoalf Foundation. The project aims to collect the rubbish that is destroying our oceans and turn it into top quality thread. Thanks to the help of 3,000 fishermen, Ecoalf has collected 280 tons of rubbish to date.