While Kenya Airways is now actively considering what model of aircraft it will choose to substitute its well near failed order of the B787, the US-based commercial aircraft manufacturer had to digest yet more bad news when Air Astana reportedly canceled its firm order of three and options for another three and is now seeking a viable and available alternative.

Recent comments attributed to a senior Boeing executive, trying to reassure jittery customers that the first flight would still take place this year, was met with not just ordinary skepticism but acid comments from a range of sources claiming to have been “fooled” by Boeing’s announcements before, as they were all later on found to be wanting.

In fact, some sources regularly monitoring the 787’s development have in the past suggested that Boeing executives were well aware of the true extent of the delays and still made “soothing” comments meant for public consumption as a smoke screen to conceal the true extent of their various problems in the production processes.

It is also thought that once cancellations reach the magical threshold of 100 orders, now not far away it is understood, that this might open the floodgates for other airlines to react likewise, join the cancellation bandwagon and inflict yet more financial pain on the Boeing Company.