Hotel booking app giving out Trump stress balls to anyone traveling to Mexico


The hotel booking app is giving away Trump stress balls to every user who books a hotel in Mexico.  The promotion is to protest Mr. Trump’s damaging rhetoric when speaking of other people and countries.

According to Trump, Mexico is full of “Bad Hombres” in a world full of “shit hole nations.”

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By giving out Trump stress balls, this hotel booking app wants to reward travelers that visit Mexico in spite of the derogatory and frightening language Trump is using. It is also sympathizing with the Mexican people and the tourism industry, that are defenseless against the negative statements of Trump that reach the headlines of newspapers almost every day.

The founder of, Jochem Wijnands, said: “We’re running a travel company, because we believe that travel makes you more openminded and understanding, and that travel makes the world a better place. Mr. Trump is doing the exact opposite; he’s polarizing the world. We are speaking out for our values and beliefs.”

Wijnands wenton to say, “Building a wall to stop immigrants, separating kids from their parents? It’s unethical, to put it mildly.” Wijnands is referring to the thousands of migrant children that have been separated from their parents, deliberately, by the US government, as part of Trump’s zero-tolerance policy.

“My conclusion after a lifetime of traveling is that ordinary people, with families and jobs, are simply marvelous the world over. They all live by the same values and beliefs that our parents and our schools have taught us. It’s a small minority of thugs and politicians that are causing all the problems,” Wijnands concluded.

When a customer books a hotel in Mexico with TRVL, after completing the stay, the company will send a squishy Trump stress ball to the customer’s home address. 1,000 balls have been pre-ordered, and the promotion runs until they are out of stress balls.