German tabloid ranks Seychelles as top honeymoon destination


The popular and respected German tabloid magazine, BUNTE, has come out with an article on the Seychelles that positions these islands as the leaders in honeymoon destinations. Their article carries a picture of the wedding of the British Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, and BUNTE refers to their private honeymoon in the Seychelles.

Seychelles is known for its untouched natural beauty with spectacular white and clean sandy beaches and clear and clean turquoise blue seas. This in a setting with towering palm trees along all its beaches and a population of welcoming and friendly islanders.

Seychelles is also desease free with no malaria and yellow fever and is positioned outside the cyclonic belt. They are a group of islands with a weather pattern that has given them the name of the islands of pertual summer.

The creole islands of the Seychelles have always been known as the dream tourist holiday destination, but since the honeymoon of Prince William and his new bride Catherine Middleton, now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, these tropical islands have been on the agenda of every newlywed. In the UK alone, bookings to the Seychelles are up by over 12% over the same period as last year. The same increase in booking pattern is being observed right accross the world.

Seychelles has recently seen big increases of airline seats that now link it to the outside world. Etihad Airways is starting its Seychelles service in November with four flights per week. This comes over and above the 14 weekly flights by Emirates by November and 7 by Qatar Airways. Kenya Airways has increased its service to three flights per week from Nairobi, and the National Airline, Air Seychelles, has also now confirmed increased flights to South Africa as they continue to be the main service provider linking Seychelles and Paris with five direct non stop flights per week. They also today operate two weekly service to London and have direct non stop service to Rome, Milan, Singapore, and Mauritius. Air Austral operates two weekly flights from La Reunion to the Seychelles, and the German Airline, Condor, operate a direct nonstop weekly service from Frankfurt to Seychelles.

The Seychelles remains one of the few tourism destinations where no one requires a visa to land. This simplifies life of airlines to promote these islands as holiday reservations to the Seychelles can be made up to the very last minute.