Festival brings Egypt’s spirit to tourists


The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism announced the launching for the second consecutive year the” Fawanees Ramadan 2011″ Festival during the month of August under the slogan “Egypt’s Spirit in Ramadan”. “Fawanees Ramadan 2011” Festival brings Egypt’s spirit during Ramadan and the Eid El Fitr to tourists, and especially to those coming from the Arab countries like United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Jordan and Qatar.

This is the second year that the festival will be held, conveying Ramadan in Egypt with all its folkloric traditions and habits.

Several activities and festivities are on the agenda this year starting from the eve of Ramadan, where a huge event will be held at the Gezira Garden in Cairo. Other cities and towns in Egypt including Alexandria, Ismailia & Aswan, will also share in Fawanees Ramadan 2011 Festival with a variety of activities.

The spirit of Ramadan will not only be limited to Egypt, but will also be transported to the United Arab Emirates, with a special set up at the Dubai Mall& this in cooperation with “Emaar Misr”.

Egyptian dishes and special Ramadan drinks, traditional folklore tanoora dances, religious and Sufi songs, and other traditional Egyptian customs will be presented to the public.

Along with Egypt Air, the official carrier of the festival, efforts by several organizations & governmental bodies will be cooperating in making this festival a successful one.

This includes Cairo governorate, Giza governorate, the Ministry of Culture, Egyptian Center for Culture & Arts Makan, the Culture Resource Centre, Sawi Cultural Centre, and Cairo Opera House whom have all prepared a full agenda of folkloric and religious activities.

A huge promotional campaign has also been put together, including airing a 30-second TV spot since mid July on MBC1, Rotana Khalijia, Dubai TV, Saudi TV1, Al Watan Channel, as well as a special supplement in Haya magazine, with favorite dishes recommended by top Arab TV stars. Other editorials will be included in a variety of Pan Arab newspapers and magazines, as well as, an advertising campaign on the Internet, Facebook and social media.

A competition under the title “You Are Egypt” for Egyptian youth talent has also been launched on the Internet, and prizes will be given to the best Egyptian talent at the beginning and end of the festival.