The Holy See and Venezuelan bishops work together to help population


Last Thursday, Nicolás Maduro was sworn in for his second presidential term. The interim director of the Vatican Press Office, Alessandro Gisotti, asked by the media about the presence at the ceremony of a representative of the Holy See, recalled the aims of the diplomatic activity of the Apostolic See.

“The Holy See maintains diplomatic relations with the Venezuelan state, replied Gisotti. Its diplomatic activity aims to promote the common good, protect peace, and guarantee the respect of human dignity.

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For this reason, the Holy See has decided to be represented in the inauguration ceremony of the Presidency, by the interim Chargé d’Affaires of the Apostolic Nunciature of Caracas.

The Holy See and the Bishops of the country continue to work together to help the Venezuelan people who are suffering the humanitarian and social implications of the serious situation facing the nation.

No former Latin American president has had accounts at the IOR

With regard to the news published by the Colombian, El Expediente, on the IOR (Institute for the Works of Religion), responding to the questions of journalists on the presence of IOR accounts attributable to presidents and former presidents of Latin American countries, Dr. Gisotti, denied the news published in the article by El Expediente.

The IOR reserves the right to take legal action “After verification with the competent authorities – told the journalists Alessandro Gisotti – I can state that none of the people mentioned in the article de El Expediente has ever had an account with the IOR, nor has it yet, nor has it delegated a third-party account, nor would it have – on the basis of the new legislation adopted by the Institute – any title to open any position with it. The documents brought as evidence are false. The IOR reserves the right to take legal action.”