Golden Globe winner Rami Malek: A fan of which hotel?

Rami Malek is a fan of the tranquility and peace at Mandarin Oriental.

Rami Malek won a Golden Globe for his ground-breaking performance as Freddie Mercury in Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

When he’s not shooting for the silver screen, Rami works on television projects and has won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actor in Mr. Robot.

Luxury to him is attention to detail, discretion, and an excellent staff.

He’s a fan of the tranquility and peace at Mandarin Oriental, Bodrum, and says Mandarin Oriental, Barcelona will always hold a special place in his heart as he “got to hang out with the members of Queen after one of their gigs there. Very cool. Very cool experience.”

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In a Mandarin Oriental video, Rami describes what he is a fan of:

“I’m a fan of Freddy Mercury and Queen.

“I’m a fan of my mom – she’s got my back.

“I’m a fan of chamomile tea.

“I’m a fan of hand-written letters.

“I’m a fan of classic movies.

“And I’m a fan of looking sharp, regardless of the occasion.

“I’m a fan of random encounters.

“I’m a fan of traveling by train.

“I’m a fan of equal opportunities for all.

“I’m a fan of mischief.

“I’m a fan of being exactly who I want to be.”

He ended that list with, “I’m a fan of Mandarin Oriental.”

“You just want to come back to a place that has some semblance of tranquility and peace, where you can get rest. I find that at Mandarin Oriental,” said Rami.

Rami’s charity of choice is Helen Keller International.

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