Streets of Zagreb full of entertainment


ZAGREB, Croatia – As of April 16, the squares and streets of Zagreb will, once again, be filled with song and dance and promenade concerts and a variety of other events will be held in Zagreb as part of the Zagreb Tourist Board’s project, “Zagreb Time Machine.”

This year, every Saturday from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm, at the Music Pavilion on Zrinjevac Square, you can enjoy the sound of waltzes and marches, musical numbers from operettas, Italian canzonas, jazz, or evergreen. Every Saturday, members of folklore ensembles will bring the customs of Zagreb and its surrounding area to life in the heart of Zagreb – on Kaptol, Dolac, and Ban Josip Jelačić Square, gifting visitors with traditional delicacies and home-grown fruit. In the early morning hours on weekends, in the Upper Town, you can enjoy listening to songs of the past and love songs sung by street performers, who will take you back to the past. In the early evening hours, you will be able to see a group in costume representing figures from Zagreb’ past – the chroniclers of Zagreb, ladies, newspaper boys, knights, postmen. On Sundays, you will be able to enjoy the promenade concerts of the Strauss Salon Music Ensemble from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at the Belvedere in Maksimir Park.

Apart from the “Zagreb Time Machine,” starting mid-April, you can also witness the changing of the guard of the Honorary Cravat Regiment, every Saturday and Sunday at noon on St. Mark’s Square. In the 18th century, soldiers of the Royal Cravats Regiment introduced the necktie to European fashion, and it has served as an obligatory fashion accessory for men ever since. This two-hour ceremony and tourist attraction was launched in July 2010 by the Zagreb Tourist Board in cooperation with Academia Cravatica.

Events that are part of the “Zagreb Time Machine” will take place every weekend until September 25. The Changing of the Guard Ceremony will also be held on special occasions and on state holidays and feast days – Victory and Homeland Thanksgiving Day (August 5), Independence Day (October 8), and Cravat Day (October 18).

Brochures of the complete program are available at Zagreb Tourist Board informational centers, on site, or visit the website: .