ICTP welcomes Sustainable Travel International as new strategic partner


The International Council of Tourism Partners (ICTP) welcomed today Sustainable Travel International (STI) as a new strategic partner.

“We are pleased to welcome Sustainable Travel International into our alliance of destinations as a strategic partner. This is an important partnership to further our vision of responsible tourism destinations working together,” said Juergen Thomas Steinmetz, Chairman of ICTP.

“Sustainable Travel International is thrilled to join in strategic partnership with the ICTP Alliance,” said STI’s President and CEO, Brian Mullis. “ICTP’s efforts toward socially responsible and sustainable travel align extremely well with our mission, and this partnership will shine a light on our efforts to help destinations worldwide – and the tourism operators that serve them – protect their natural environment, preserve their cultural heritage, and achieve economic viability.”


Sustainable Travel International (STI) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization focused on effecting systemic change in tourism development since 2002. STI specializes in programs that help travelers, businesses, and destinations implement innovative sustainable tourism initiatives and generate significant “triple bottom line” impacts.



ICTP is a new global alliance to support and promote destinations with a shared belief in well-managed travel and tourism as a driver of community business, jobs, well being, and happiness.

Membership is open to any country, city, or community that aspires to be a top travel and tourism destination and engages their stakeholders in the process.

The alliance is about sharing resources and increase business for your destination in:

– opening up and maintaining new markets for your destination;
– sharing resources to reach out to primary and secondary markets; and
– sharing resources to reach out to global media, trade, and consumers.

Affiliated membership is open to global tourism stakeholders and tourism professionals in member regions.

ICTP is committed to:

• quality in all aspects of destination management and marketing, and
• green growth that promotes low-carbon and environmentally-sound development.