Japan introduces new tourist ‘departure tax’

Japan introduces new tourist ‘departure tax’

Japan introduced new ‘departure tax’ for both, its own citizens and foreign visitors. The levy of 1,000 yen will be tied to the cost of airline or ship tickets or tickets on the return trip.

The visitors, who are in the country for no more than one day, and children under two years of age will be exempt from new tax. ‘Departure tax’ will also not be applicable to ambassadors of foreign countries and state guests.

This tax was introduced for the first time in 27 years, and is aimed at increasing the country’s budget. According to experts, new levy will be able to increase the state’s income by 50 billion yen. Japanese authorities have already found effective use for new income – the money will be spent on new equipment that will be installed at country’s airports. The necessary technical equipment, purchased with new tax revenues, will help speed up immigration procedures.

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