Over 20 people killed or injured in Denmark train disaster

Over 20 people killed or injured in Denmark train disaster

At least six people were killed and sixteen injured in a train accident in Denmark. The disaster came amid a powerful storm that is devastating Northern Europe. The accident happened on the Great Belt Bridge which connects the Denmark’s central islands.

The accident was likely caused by extremely strong winds, as the passenger train was hit by debris from an oncoming freight train, authorities said. The trains were traveling over the Great Belt Bridge, which links two of Denmark’s major islands – Zealand and Funen.

Photos from the scene show a passenger train stopped on the bridge, as well as a freight train. The latter carried a number of semi-trailers, many of which appear to be severely damaged.

The semi-trailers apparently partially spilled their cargo – beverages in crates.

The extent of damage sustained by the passenger train remains unclear. The incident has prompted closure of the bridge for both train and road vehicle traffic.

At least six people perished in the accident, train operator DSB announced. Police later confirmed the number, adding that 16 more were injured.

A large storm hit Northern Europe on Tuesday and continues to rage with winds reaching speeds of over 30m/s. In Finland, the storm damaged power lines across the country, leaving over 60 thousand households without electricity.

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