555 airline passengers died in 2018: Is this good news?


Last year 555 airline passengers died in plane accidents. This is the worst year according to a report by BBC.

The good news is with 4.5 billion airline passengers traveling on 45 million flights in 2018, the yar was still the ninth safest in aviation history.

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The worst accident was a Lion Air crash in Jakarta, Indonesia. This crash killed all 189 people on board the Lion Air flight. It opened a discussion on the safety of Boeing Max and resulted in a number of canceled order for the U.S. plane manufacturer. Lion Air also canceled all remaining Boeing Max orders.

There was a total of 15 fatal airliner accidents in 2018, according to ASN.

Human error was blamed for a plane crash in Cuba that killed 112 people in July. Another fatal crash occurred when a plane was landing at Nepal’s Kathmandu airport in March, killing 51 people.

Saratov Airlines Flight 703 crashed in February just outside Moscow, killing all 71 people on board the passenger flight.