‘Suspicious package’ triggers evacuation of Strasbourg main train station

‘Suspicious package’ triggers evacuation of Strasbourg main train station

The main railway station in Strasbourg, France was shut down and all the passengers were evacuated after a bomb threat was received earlier tonight. Strasbourg has been on high alert after a terror attack on a Christmas market earlier this month.

Police received a message that an explosive device was present at the station around 6:15 pm on Thursday, local media reported. The station was quickly locked down and the passengers evacuated.

French police have called onto the public “not give in to panic” and not to broadcast or relay false information.

“Ordnance disposal teams are on hand to remove the suspicious package and traffic will gradually resume after their intervention,” the police said.

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Strasbourg has been on edge since the December 11 attack on the Christmas market, which killed five and wounded 12 people.

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