UK plans to deploy drone detection systems


After drones crippled London Gatwick airport during busy Holiday Christmas traffic, detection systems may now be deployed across the UK to combat the threat of drones.

According to UK Security minister, Ben Wallace there are ‘no easy solutions’ to tackling drone invasions but warned those using them ‘recklessly’ or illegally can expect severe punishment.

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Gatwick has spent £5m since Wednesday on new equipment and technology to prevent drone attacks.

The Britiswasmy were called in and used cutting-edge Israeli anti-drone system to defeat the drone, with equipment spotted on top of rooftops at the airport.

Officers used a high-tech radar and a laser rangefinder to locate drones within a 2.1 and 6.2 miles radius.

In a statement Mr Wallace said the Government was now able to deploy detection systems throughout the UK to combat the threat the machines pose.