Pet Airways announced today the opening of its new route between New York and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, adding to the 5 cities it now serves – New York, Washington DC, Chicago, Denver, and Los Angeles. Flights are due to begin in December.

The unique airline has received a tremendous response to its service across the US, with flights completely booked 2 months in advance, said Dan Wiesel, president and CEO of Pet Airways. He said they have been overwhelmed by all the positive feedback to their mission of flying pets safely and comfortably in the main cabin, not in cargo.

Until July, when Pet Airways was launched, pet parents, who wanted to transport their pets across the country, were faced with limited or potentially dangerous transportation choices. Many airlines allow small pets to travel with their owners, as long as they are stowed under the seat. Pets that are too big to fit under the seat are relegated to cargo, and unfortunately in many cases, are treated as such.

According to the Animal, Plant, and Health Inspection Service (APHIS), “Virtually every major airline has been cited and fined for repeatedly mishandling animals.” As a result of a lack of oxygen and temperature control in the cargo holds, the most common causes of death are suffocation and heat prostration, although one airline was cited for placing a dog too close to a motor, which burned the animal. Put simply, putting pets in the cargo area of passenger airlines is not a safe mode of transportation for our pets.

The greatest issue facing pet parents when they want to transport their pets, aside from the dilemma and trauma of putting their loved ones in cargo holds, is the inability to know who, if anyone, is taking care of their pet and where or how their pet is being treated. It is a very stressful experience. Pet Airways has solved this problem completely.

From the moment a pet is dropped off at the Pet Lounge, pets are under the care of Pet Attendants who are Certified Veterinary Technicians that are trained in caring for pets. A Pet Attendant is always present before, during, and after the flight to make sure their “pawsengers” are comfortable and safe. Pets are never left alone. In flight, pets are in the main cabin of the planes, which are fully climate controlled to make sure that the temperature is just right and that there is an adequate level of fresh circulating air.

Pawsengers are boarded and de-boarded from planes as quickly as possible, never left in the cold or heat, and depending on transit time, are offered toilet facilities, food, and water as necessary during stops. Pet Parents can be sure that their pets are receiving careful handling while having the peace of mind that their pets are well looked after by people who care as much about their pets as they do.

The Pet Airways goal is to make the pet travel experience more comfortable and enjoyable for both pawsengers and their human families. For more information, go to