6 people killed in Democratic Republic of Congo plane crash

6 people killed in Democratic Republic of Congo plane crash

A Russian-made plane with 23 people were onboard crashed in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Gomair’s An-26 plane, which had been chartered by the Independent National Electoral Commission of the Democratic Republic of Congo, has crashed on approach to Kinshasa Airport, International Flight Network (IFN) reported Friday. The aircraft departed from Tshikapa, in the southwest of the DRC, about 700km (435 miles) away from Kinshasa, on December 20. It didn’t arrive at its destination after being cleared to descend to 5000 feet about 35km (22 miles) away from the destination airport, according to the report. Shortly afterwards, the plane disappeared from radar screens.

The plane could reportedly be operated by a Russian crew.

Russian Ambassador to DR Congo Aleksey Sentebov said on Friday that, according to unconfirmed information, “23 people were onboard the plane, including three crew members, Russian citizens.”

Six people were killed in the plane crash within 25 miles of Kinshasa N’djili Airport, AFP reported, citing local sources. The fate of three crew members of the plane is unknown.

“Search and rescue operations are continuing, the crash site and the names and the fate of the pilots are being determined,” the Russian diplomat said.

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