Seychelles tourism staff enthusiastically works together


The Seychelles Tourism Board organized its first team-building activity for this year last Saturday, as part of its program to bring staff together and increase work performance.

The activity took place on the popular Beau Vallon beach where staff engaged in a number of group activities in the morning and later spent the afternoon at leisure.

The Manager for Human Resource Development at the tourism board, Jennifer Loizeau, told staff at the morning session that it was necessary for them to mingle and socialize outside the work environment, so that they get to know the people that they work with.

“It happens often that we don’t really know the people we work with, because we only meet them in the office and that’s as far as the relationship goes. We need to socialize and get to know the person with whom we share an office and who we meet in the corridor every day,” she said.

Mrs. Loizeau also noted that it was also important to have a conducive environment for work and staff who are happy and satisfied would help to create that. As a result, staff performance will increase and the organization would benefit.

“Today, we are not representing our respective section or department. We are representing a team and that is the Seychelles Tourism Board. Every player is as important as the next, and I urge you to make this day a success so that we can all appreciate the benefits of maintaining a strong and healthy team,” Mrs. Louizeau said. Her words were met with much approval by the staff who all gathered enthusiastically, ready to tackle the activities ahead.

The activities had different aims such as increasing communication within the organization, working as a team to solve a problem, allowing more people to participate in decision making, build trust among colleagues and also to identify the strengths of staff members.

All activities had a fun part to it, which contributed to staff giving their maximum and bonding with each other.

At the end of the morning session, staff were happy and mingled as they discussed how the activities had helped them personally or their respective sections.

Seychelles Tourism News Bureau Manager, Lena Hoareau, who helped to put the activity together, said the team spirit was high and that her work organization definitely has a “winning” team.

“From what I’ve seen today, I can say that the Seychelles Tourism Board has a strong team and such activities are important to see where our strengths lie as a organization and also where our weaknesses are,” she said.

“The activities have been carefully chosen to get everyone in the team to either share an opinion or contribute towards the team’s success. I believe our organization is going to achieve a lot with this team,” she added.

Tourism Board Chief, Alain St. Ange, who arrived in the country on that same day from an intensive work schedule in Germany, said his management would always support such activities, as it is the organization that benefits in the end.

“This is part of our program to motivate and empower our staff, because they are important motors behind the country’s success in tourism. I believe that happy staff would work and positively contribute towards our objectives,” he said.