From quaint US cities to off-the-beaten-path international retreats, has released its picks for the top 10 hidden gem culinary travel destinations around the world. For travelers hungry for a new kind of fall getaway, these 10 destinations may not be on a typical list of epicurean standouts but are sure to satisfy the taste buds of any traveler.

“Culinary-focused travel is becoming increasingly popular, and it’s not just for foodies anymore,” said senior editor Kate Chandler. “Whether you’re a casual diner or a bona fide epicure, these 10 culinary hot spots deliver both food to wow your palate and the kind of genuine cultural experiences that really defines travel.”

While certain destinations are known for keeping visitors in culinary bliss, such as Paris or San Francisco, there are other hidden gems that can cater to any hungry traveler. From fresh conch farms in the Turks and Caicos Islands to Mumbai’s melting pot of flavors,’s picks of the top 10 culinary destinations may not lead a most-visited list, but are a must-see for true food lovers. And the destinations are:

1 Bangkok, Thailand
2 Mumbai, India
3 Big Island, Hawaii
4 Buenos Aires, Argentina
5 Carmel, California
6 Fes, Morocco
7 Walla Walla, Washington
8 Southwest London, UK
9 Wellfleet, Massachusetts
10 Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, British West Indies

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