More lodges to promote tourism in Meru Conservation Area


(eTN) – Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) handed over two sites for development to investors, who are now tasked with putting up tourist facilities in the Kora National Park and the Meru National Park, both part of the greater Meru Conservation Area. The conservation area, comparably less visited than other better known national parks and reserves, is unique in many ways and holds both scenic and wildlife attractions few would expect who have not visited this part of Kenya. Meru has been lacking in sustained promotion and lacking enough tourism facilities to turn it into a greater success story.

The Friends of Meru Conservation Area have, in fact, established a Facebook group, which can be accessed via this link: where regular information and updates are posted, including from those actually working in the area, regular and occasional visitors, or where specially organized trips from Nairobi are advertised.

Meru is one of the parks KWS is planning to re-brand in order to make it more visible and to create demand and diversify the classic safari itineraries to only the best-known parks by highlighting just what often extraordinary safari experiences can be found in the other parks.