Ferrari attracts record numbers of visitors to Moscow


MOSCOW – Ferrari has conquered the Kremlin. The racing car of driver Giancarlo Fisichella sent the Moscow spectators into raptures during the fourth edition of Bavaria City Racing Moscow. On the official Formula 1 competition circuits, Ferrari is engaged in a battle for the highest podium, with driver Fernando Alonso as its biggest trump card. In Moscow, Ferrari showed off the technical abilities of their car.

Ferrari’s presence in Moscow during Bavaria City Racing turned this edition into a special event. However, former world champion Jenson Button (Vodafone McLaren Mercedes) and Karun Chandhok (Team Lotus) also contributed to an exciting afternoon for the Muscovites, who had gathered around the circuit beneath the walls of the Kremlin. No fewer than 300,000 racing fans lined the streets of Moscow to cheer on the drivers.

As co-initiator, Bavaria looks back on a very successful event. Peer Swinkels, board member of Bavaria, explains: “During the past few years, Bavaria City Racing Moscow has grown into an extremely popular event among Muscovites, while it has also become a respected platform within the motor sport top. It has put the relevance of Formula 1 in Russia on the map again. The Grand Prix has now been awarded to Russia with effect from 2014.” Swinkels continues: “Bavaria is of course extremely proud of the fact that it managed to get Ferrari to come to Moscow this year. Ferrari is and remains the creme de la creme of motor sport. Their participation will turn the fourth edition of Bavaria City Racing Moscow into the most sensational edition ever.”

The crowd was treated to a complete racing show. The racing cars were initially splashing through the water, caused by the heavy rain and later on the crowd saw the show once again, but then on a sunny circuit.

On behalf of Ferrari, Fisichella drove his car through the streets of Moscow. “It is a great circuit with the Kremlin and the Red Square in the background. The rainy circumstances demanded everything from the drivers and turned the demonstration into a stunning show”, said Fisichella. “The crowd went wild and that’s what it’s all about”.