Brits will be going away this Christmas

Brits will be going away this Christmas

As Christmas approaches a recent survey by Away Resorts discovers 45% of Brits will be going away this Christmas, but 24% plan on staying in the UK.

In contrast, only 21% of Brits are opting to go abroad over the holiday season and nearly half of those (8%) will be in their overseas chateaus.

This is very similar to the number staying in UK holiday homes (6%) suggesting this is becoming a popular way for Brits to invest their money.

Why Brits Choose to Go Away

As more choose staycations this Christmas the majority (24%) say it’s the only chance they get to go away.

This is followed closely by Brits wanting to use their UK holiday homes (18%), avoiding the busy season at home (15%) and preferring Christmas away from home (11%).

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