Seychelles to greet milestone visitor on Saturday


Saturday July 16, will mark another achievement for Seychelles tourism this year when the country welcomes its 100,000th visitor on one of the flights landing during the course of the afternoon.

As is customary, the Seychelles Tourism Board will mark this occasion with a special welcome for the lucky visitor. Officials from the tourism board will personally meet that person and present him or her with a gift pack.

It is to be noted that Seychelles is this year recording its 100,000th visitor way ahead of last year, which was in the first week of August. This shows that visitor arrivals are on the increase, and the country could very well be heading for another visitor record this year, if this upward trend continues.
Last week’s arrival statistics showed that as of Sunday, July 10, 97,260 visitors had arrived in Seychelles, compared to 89,507 for the same period last year. The figures indicated a healthy 9% growth.

Seychelles first crossed the 100,000th mark in arrivals in 1990 and has enjoyed a continued upward trend from then on.

The relaunching of Seychelles tourism since the President of the Republic, Mr. James Michel personally took over the portfolio for the industry has brought about a marked increase in the visitor arrival numbers and it has also repositioned the tourism industry in its rightful place as the pillar of the seychelles economy. Alain St. Ange is the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board working for the government of President James Michel.