More Seychelles coverage in German magazine


“Connoisseur Circle,” the very visible and high-profile magazine of Germany has reported on the visit of the famous Mario Adorf to Seychelles. The famous German actor was in Seychelles through the Tour Operator Airtours and the “Connoisseur Circle” magazine dedicated pages of pictures in full color on the famous actor’s stay in Seychelles.

Oliver Kreipe, the Sales & Promotion and Airtours Business Club Manager, explained to the Seychelles Tourism Board delegation who were on a week’s working visit to Germany, that Mario Adorf’s visit had done a lot to position the Seychelles as one of the prime holiday destinations for German travelers for 2011.

It has been confirmed that the beautiful Seychelles islands will now be featured again in one of the coming issues of “Connoisseurs Circle” magazine as a followup to Mario Adorf’s visit. The Seychelles Tourism Board is working closely with Airtours for this exclusive review. Alain St. Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said that he was happy to see the continued and growing interest for Seychelles in Germany. “We traveled to Germany to meet our tour operator partners, airlines serving Seychelles, and the press, and we have been overtaken by the positive change in perception of our islands and by the visibility that exists today in Germany about Seychelles,” Alain St. Ange said.

Tour operators promoting Seychelles have all confirmed to the Seychelles Tourism Board delegation when they were in Germany of significant growth in bookings and in forward bookings for Seychelles. “This is encouraging and shows beyond any doubt that the Seychelles Tourism Board is being succesful in its work in promoting Seychelles as the tourism destination with a difference,” the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board said.

In the “Connoisseurs Circle” magazine, the spectacular pictures by Rainer Stratmann dominates the exclusive report on the visit of Mario Adorf in the Seychelles. The visit to Seychelles by such a famous and high-profile German actor made the press in Germany at the same time as Roberto Blanco’s famous wedding and so soon after the most publicized of honeymoons, that of the British Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s royal honeymoon in Seychelles.

The sudden burst of VIP visits to Seychelles is today getting more press attention than at anytime before. The Seychelles Tourism Board is always reluctant in disclosing who are on the islands for their special holidays saying that privacy of their visitors remains important to Seychelles.