SUNx & Ingle International Announce SDG-17 Climate Resilience Partnership

SUNx & Ingle International Announce SDG-17 Climate Resilience Partnership

A Climate Resilience partnership, focussed on creating 100,000 Strong Climate Champions by 2030 was announced today at COP 24 in Katowice, Poland.

The partnership, which was made in the spirit of SDG-17, is between leading Canadian-based global travel risk management and travel insurance provider Ingle International Inc., and SUNx (Strong Universal Network), which focusses on Climate Friendly Travel. The partnership is founded on a shared commitment to develop the Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarship Program, with Ingle International as its first global sponsor.

Speaking from COP 24 – the United Nations Climate Change Conference, Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Co-founder of SUNx, said:

“We are honoured to announce our partnership with Ingle International to launch the global rollout of the Maurice Strong Legacy Scholarship Program. This will create 100,000 “Strong Climate Champions” by 2030, in every UN State, to help to drive the behavioural change and influence the fundamental government and industry actions needed to tackle Climate Change.

We need to realize the exposure to our children and grandchildren. We need to stop talking amongst ourselves and engage directly with future generations. SUNx – a legacy initiative for Maurice Strong, the father of global Sustainable Development Action – will spearhead a movement for 100,000 climate activists by 2030, responding creatively to the Paris Accords and SDG-13.

By the simple act of a Scholarship Plan for graduates committed to help society take action towards more stable temperature levels, we can empower the next generation, who are the ones that will have to really deal with the transformation to the New Climate Economy.”

Robin Ingle, CEO of Ingle International said:

“As a global travel risk management and insurance provider, we specialize in assessing risk, and there is no greater risk to our civilisation than Climate Change, as Sir David Attenborough pointed out at the start of the COP 24 meeting. At the same time, we identify ways to mitigate and respond to these risks positively, and we see no better means in doing this than to empower the next generation with the knowledge base that they will need to take action. Also, as a Canadian, I recognise the immense contribution that Maurice Strong made for half a century to help put in place the actions we are taking today. These are some of the reasons why Ingle International is proud to be the first global sponsor of this important program.”

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