Virginia is for lovers and its wooing Indian travelers

State slogan being marketed in a big way


Virginia, the US state near Washington DC, is trying to promote traffic from India, taking advantage of the recent Air India direct flight, which has made connectivity better.

The slogan, or tag, “Virginia is for Lovers,” is being marketed in a big way, said Heidi Johannesen, Director of International Marketing for the Virginia Tourism Corporation, when she was in Delhi, India, on December 5, on a trip to increase awareness of the destination.

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She, along with Christi Braginton, Media Relations Manager, interacted with the media, pointing out that lovers meant lovers of everything – history, golf, wine, skiing, and music, among other things.

In 2017, 173,000 Indians visited Virginia, which was 36 percent more than in 2016.

The proximity to Washington DC often makes for confusion as visitors may not realize that they are enjoying the many attractions of Virginia, which has a lot of history, plus culinary offerings.

As many as eight US Presidents have hailed from Virginia.

The officials also went to Mumbai and met agents who have shown great interest in the destination, which can attract more second- and third-time visitors to the US, who may have done the traditional destinations during their first visit.