Chinese International Club Magazine reports on Seychelles tourism


Last week eTN brought out the innovative approach by Seychelles in working with the press and in developing their unique very own Friends of Seychelles-Press club. This article has brought out many inquiries and congratulations for these islands running a dynamic tourism industry because they depend so much on it.

The Chinese “International Club Magazine” has come out with a report on the Seychelles Tourism Board’s recent evening in China to mark the Narional Day of the Islands. The Seychelles Ambassador to China, HE Mr. Philippe Le Gall, joined the Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, Elsia Grandcourt, and the Tourism Board’s Regional Director for Asia and Australasia Myrna Michel, to bring a taste of the Seychelles to China.

It was also the opportunity for Elsia Grandcourt, the Deputy CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, to introduce to the gathered government representatives, Chinese press, tour operators, and friends of Seychelles in China, Jean Luc Lailam, the newly-appointed Tourism Executive, now working from the Seychelles Embassy in Beijing.

“We are doing it in planned phases. The leaders of China and Seychelles have visited each other’s country; we have a very effective [relationship] in China, and China the same in Seychelles. We have appointed a Tourism Regional Director to guide us into China, and now we have our very own Tourism Executive in China. We have and are working with the press, and we know that we are now becoming the ‘it’ destination for the Asia market. We have to now work to consolidate our presence and increase our visibility,” said Alain St. Ange when he was presented with a copy of the Chinese “International Club Magazine.”

Seychelles with the support of the Movenpick Hotels, who are opening their first hotel in the islands later this year, brought their island’s music and local dancing to China. The Seychelles Ambassador, Mr. Le Gall, also used that evening to launch his book written to showcase the friendly ties between the Seychelles and China.

Seychelles has had the determination to work with the press, because they believe in the press. “We can invite the press to visit our beautiful country, because we have nothing to hide. We have no ‘No-Go’ areas. Press who visits us become our ambassadors when they go back home, because our country’s beauty and the diversity we have in our islands and people are assets every Seychellois is proud of and tells every press person they see about it,” said Alain St. Ange.

The “Internationsl Club Magazine” of China is a large-format glossy magazine and it is widely read in the country. It is popular in all offices and public places. It was a good coup for the Seychelles article to be listed on the front cover.