Seychelles Tourism Board partnered with Air Seychelles on joint destination training and sales call


The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) collaborated with the country’s national airline, Air Seychelles, on a joint destination training workshop and sale calls mission held in Mauritius from November 13, 2018 to November 16, 2018.

It was the STB’s Senior Marketing Executive based in Reunion, Ms. Bernadette Honore, who conducted the destination-training workshop, organized by the Air Seychelles General Sales Agents (GSA) based in Mauritius. This is the first time STB has taken to Mauritius to conduct training for frontline agents.

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Representing the airline in Mauritius were the GSA Manager, Mr. Salim Mohungoo, Sales Executive, Mr. Olivier Malepa, and other team members. On November 13, a destination training was conducted with the GSA team.

Front line agents of Mauritius’ travel trade professionals in the likes of Concorde Tourist Guide, Holiday Planners Agency, Rev’ Voyages, Atlas Travel and Silver Wings Travels took part in the destination training held on November 15.

The different training sessions with travel trade professionals in Mauritius was an opportunity for STB to present destination Seychelles. It was also an opportune time to address queries from the trade partners about Seychelles’ key selling point viable for Mauritius market segment demand.

On their part Air Seychelles Chief Commercial Officer, Charles Johnson commented that the number of passengers travelling between Mauritius and the Seychelles for the current year has not recorded a significant growth.

“To provide more knowledge to the travel agencies about the national airline and destination Seychelles we have decided to incorporate a destination training as part of our sales calls and for that we would like to thank the Seychelles Tourism Board for joining us in making the first of this event a success,” said Mr. Johnson.

He also commented that, “The Seychelles islands similar to Mauritius is also a leisure however as the various activities and attractions differ from each other, it is important that the agencies understand the product they are working with so as to sell it better  to subsequently increase the number of visitors to our shores.”

Commenting on the event STB’s Senior Marketing Executive Ms. Bernadette Honore mentioned her satisfaction that STB has taken the initiative to conduct such a training.

“It is important for STB to support our airline partner and consolidate the work being done to develop the Mauritian market. It is also important for the Mauritian travel trade professionals selling Seychelles to be trained and have the right argumentative tools to better sell the destination,” said Ms. Honore.

In line with the joint promotion effort, STB joined with the GSA team to conduct sale calls to IBL Travel Limited, Silver wings Travels, Atom Travel Service, Concorde Tourist Guide, Shamal, Holiday Planners Travel Agency, R. Link Travel & Tour and SOJ.

Meeting with top decision makers of the Mauritius travel trade professionals enabled STB to take stock of the market challenges and obstacles hindering growth.

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