The World is Right Here: Hilton shows how with synchronized events

Hilton, brought to life the brand's tagline of "The World is Right Here" through a synchronized event at properties in Beijing's Wangfujing and Yunnan'sFuxian Lake.

The World is Right Here: Hilton shows how with synchronized events

Hilton brought to life the brand’s tagline of “The World is Right Here” through a synchronized event at properties in Beijing’s Wangfujing and Yunnan’sFuxian Lake. The event, which was made possible with Telepresence technology, allowed guests to view life-sized images of participants at the respective destinations, interact with each other through a customized digital interface, and take photos together. Designed to inspire Chinese travelers to discover the world through the brand’s global footprint of more than 575 hotels in 79 countries and regions across six continents, Hilton Hotels & Resorts unlocked exceptional experiences for its guests.

As its tourism industry continues to grow, Greater China presents Hilton with its largest market outside of the US, and is now home to 50 Hilton Hotels & Resorts properties, with an additional 64 hotels in the pipeline. Hilton aims to invite Chinese travelers to discover authentic experiences around the world, with another 179 properties in the pipeline globally. By the end of 2018, the brand will open 19 more hotels.

Wendy Huang, Senior Vice President and Commercial Director at Hilton Greater China and Mongolia, said, “Chinese travelers now seek one-of-a-kind travel experiences. Our hotels and resorts are found in the world’s most sought-after destinations ranging from Buenos Aires and Barcelona, to Beijing and Bali.  With the brand’s worldwide presence, we are here to meet the needs of Chinese travelers who are looking to discover the world’s history, arts & culture, nature, various cuisines, and more.”

“The World Is Right Here” Global Brand Campaign

In December 2017,  Hilton Hotels & Resorts released a blue paper titled, “The World of the Chinese Modern Day Traveler is Right Here,” which analyzed factors influencing Chinese travelers’ behavior and preferences. At the same time, the brand launched advertisements in some of the country’s busiest airports. In continuation of this brand campaign, the “Beijing Meets Yunnan” event leverages innovative technology to allow guests at both destinations to meet each other virtually, in life-size.

Beijing and Yunnan are both at their most beautiful in the month of October. Yunnan is one of the cradles of human civilization, with scenic spots and colorful minority cultures that provide rich opportunities for exploration,” said Wendy Huang, Senior Vice President and Commercial Director at Hilton Greater China and Mongolia. “Bejing, meanwhile, is the country’s capital, where ancient history, arts, and culture sit side-by-side with modernity and cutting-edge technology. This real-time interaction connects these two destinations, allowing guests at both ends to learn more about the diverse experiences they provide.”

As one of the most recognized names in the industry, Hilton Hotels & Resorts will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, and will continue to encourage travelers to explore the world through its global footprint.

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