Seychelles receives coverage in Aussie travel magazine


Jenny Koh has made Seychelles more known in Australia proper and in Australasia when she brought out the unique selling points of these mid-ocean islands in Issue 47 of their well-read and respected Luxury Travel Magazine of Australia.

Jenny visited the Seychelles in March this year for the island’s “Carnaval International de Victoria,” the event that has now been coined as the world’s unique carnival of carnivals – the event where the world’s best carnivals parade side by side with cultural groups from the four corners of the world in a procession called the melting pot of cultures.

The Seychelles feature article that appears from pages 18 to 28 of the magazine’s issue number 47 will go a long way to increase the visibility of these Indian Ocean islands, and it will also help to enlighten Australia and Australasia about their island neighbor.

“These fabled islands are a lot more than first-class sun, sand, and sea, of course, just ask William and Kate,” the article on the Seychelles in the Luxury Travel Magazine of Australia starts off.

Seychelles today is known to offer the best is sun, sea, and sand holidays. This is reality because of their clean and white sandy beaches, their clean and clear turquoise blue seas, and their weather pattern that has given them the name of the destination with perpetual summer. But Seychelles also prides itself for being a safe destination where the population and tourists enjoy their daily lives side by side.

Today these mid-ocean islands have become the most sought-after honeymoon destination. They made news in the four corners of the world when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge found refuge in these romantic islands for their very own honeymoon well away from the paparazzi and prying eyes. Seychelles is one destination that offers what they call “personalized” tourism, because these islands do not believe in mass tourism and charter business.