What do London and Seychelles have in common?

What do London and Seychelles have in common?

A Hippodrome, of course!

London’s Biggest Night Out in the heart of Leicester Square – the Hippodrome Casino – is a stylish, quirky and grand casino with something for everyone. What has this got to do with the Seychelles one might ask?

The Club Liberté Casino, the Seychelles’ premiere entertainment venue, has an ongoing mutual marketing agreement with the Hippodrome Group, designed to encourage their players to visit the Seychelles.

The Hippodrome people want to look after their players, even when they are not in London, and even when they are on vacation. So they wanted a partner casino whereby their top players who wish to take a vacation where there will be a casino, could have the opportunity of coming to the Seychelles, where they would be received and looked after in the same manner as they would be in London.

Jake Waller of the Seychelles Club Liberte Casino, Joy Wimonrat of Hippodrome Casino of London and Alain St.Ange met at the Hippodrome Casino of London on the sidelines of WTM 2018 to discuss future cooperation and to plan for major VIP players from the UK to holiday in Seychelles.

The Hippodrome has similar agreements with several other major international casinos – in Las Vegas, in Morocco, on cruise lines, etc. and the Club Liberté Casino was very fortunate to be able to join with this exclusive group of casino operators.

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