Indonesia to attempt to break World Record for angklung ensemble


On Saturday evening from 5:00 pm-7:00 pm on July 9, 2011, thousands are expected to gather at the Washington Monument Grounds, North Lawn, National Mall in Washington DC to break the World Record for the “Largest Angklung Ensemble” in history. Supervised by adjudicators from the Guinness World Record, the thousands assembled from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds will together shake the angklung bamboo instruments and are assured to make melodious music together almost instantly.

All are invited to join to break the Angklung Ensemble Guinness World Record. To participate and for further information log on to: .

Angklung is a musical instrument made from joints of pieces of bamboo fine-tuned to one particular note when shaken. Each piece has one specific note, so that in order to create a melody, all notes and half notes of the song must be represented in the set. These are then shaken by each individual at the appropriate place in the score. Hearing thousands of these bamboo instruments shaken together by a crowd that has never handled these instruments before is very thrilling both for the audience as well as for the players themselves.

The Angklung is traditionally known in West Java and Bali, however, this modern version was created by Mang Udjo, whose family continues to manage their own Studio, open to visitors in the hill town of Bandung.

The event, organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, together with the Indonesian Investment Board BKPM, is part of the Indonesian Festival 2011 held in the United States this summer, which carries the theme, “Celebrating Multiculturalism.”

From July 12-16, a Batik Exhibition and Workshop on the theme, “Indonesian Batik: World Heritage,” will be staged at the Indonesian Embassy in Washington, in tandem with the American Batik Design Competition, which is ongoing from March through November.

For more information on the Angklung, log on to .