Kenya Airways incident at JKIA Nairobi


A Kenya Airways flight leaving Nairobi for Bamako and Dakar had a take-off incident this morning when one of the tires of the aircraft blew out during the early stages of the take-off run.

The cockpit crew brought the aircraft to a halt without leaving the runway and all 97 passengers and 8 crew on board then returned safely to the airport’s main terminal.

It is understood that the passengers will be booked into a hotel while another flight is being arranged for them by Kenya Airways.

The runway at the airport was reportedly closed briefly to remove tire debris but was re-opened within the hour.

All flights in and out of Nairobi’s international airport are now said to be back to normal.

Kenya Airways and the KCAA are looking into the causes of the tire deflation, which prompted the take-off to abort.

From KQ sources, it was also confirmed that there was no further damage to the aircraft.