Low cost offset program now available for travelers


BRUSSELS, Belgium – Offset Options is partnering with Greenearth.travel to help travel companies and travelers respond to climate change with an innovative, low-cost offset program.

The partnership combines greenearth.travel’s experience and dedication to green growth and a sustainable travel and tourism industry, with Offset Options’ expertise and innovation in web services technologies for carbon offsetting and social media marketing. It helps companies, destinations, and travelers understand the complex world of carbon reduction – while making it an easy and positive experience for travelers to take action and let their friends know.

The flexible web-services platform helps travel providers quickly integrate carbon offsetting calculation, action, and communication into the booking process, and leverages new social media tools to help travelers share their action – and the brand – on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media streams. International surveys clearly suggest an increasing appetite for low carbon travel across the globe and social media will intensify this trend.

The platform offers consumers a wide choice of high-quality carbon offset projects from across the world, with a focus on those in developing countries; consumers can track progress of these projects after their purchase. The platform presents the options in multiple languages and currencies, making this an ideal solution for operators reaching international audiences. The platform will shortly be up on both the Greenearth site and Live the Deal ( http://www.livethedeal.com/ ).

Professor Geoffrey Lipman, Director, greenearth.travel, said: “As governments tighten their own carbon reduction commitments through the UNFCCC agreements and as carbon markets extend across our sector, the travel industry and travelers will increasingly contribute to the green growth paradigm. Offset Options will help them do it intuitively and effectively. It fits closely with our other initiatives in establishing Live the Deal and the International Council of Tourism Partners, which are designed to help companies, their employees, and destinations progressively meet government carbon reduction commitments.”

Luke Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Barcelona-based Offset Options said: “We believe this is an important partnership, because travel and tourism have a great opportunity to reduce the carbon impacts of their activities – and can do this in partnership with their customers. GreenEarth.Travel’s aim of encouraging carbon-responsible travel and providing low-cost means to provide industry and customer engagement aligns perfectly with Offset Options’ ability to simplify the carbon management and messaging process by increasing access to high-quality, competitively-priced carbon offsets to travel providers and their customers.”

There will be a live applet on both the Greenearth.travel web site and on Live the Deal where you can even purchase carbon offsets in the near future.

For further information, please contact: Geoffrey Lipman, Director, Greenearth.travel, Email: Glipman@greenearth.travel , Tel: +32 263 36269; Luke Miller, Chief Executive Officer, Offset Options, Email: luke.miller@offsetoptions.com , Tel: + 34 634 801 681

About Greenearth.travel ( www.greenearth.travel )

Brussels-based Greenearth.travel is a company, network and think tank directed by industry leader and green economy advocate Geoffrey Lipman. Greenearth.travel provides strategic direction, international networks, leadership and management. Greenearth.travel focuses on Travel in the Green Economy, engaging like-minded individuals, companies and organizations in its strategies across the travel value chain. “Live the Deal” is not for profit program that promotes al Low carbon T&T lifestyle for Green Growth and is made available for companies and organizations.

About Offset Options ( www.offsetoptions.com )

Offset Options is an online carbon offset marketplace dedicated to empowering companies and their customers in the fight against climate change by simplifying the carbon management and messaging process. Offset Options partners with companies to offer carbon neutral products and services through direct integration of „on-demand offsets‟ into customer sales processes. The company‟s sophisticated web services platform provides turnkey integration, maximum flexibility, and unmatched customization, quality and choice.