Taiwan: Chinese biggest shoppers, Japanese biggest spenders


Chinese tourists were No. 1 among international shoppers in Taiwan last year, the Tourism Bureau said yesterday.

Citing a survey of 6,016 international tourists who traveled through either Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport, Taipei International Airport (Songshan) or Kaohsiung International Airport last year, the bureau said foreign tourists spent an average of US$221.84 a day on accommodation, shopping and other items last which represented a 2.56 percent growth compared with 2009.


Japanese tourists were the biggest average daily spenders, paying US$283.81 a day for expenses, up from US$268.96 in 2009.

The Japanese were followed by Chinese tourists, who spent an average of US$245.34 each day, the survey showed.

However, Chinese topped Japanese when only shopping expenditure was examined. Chinese tourists spent an average of US$138.10 a day shopping last year, up from US$117.50 in 2009. On average, Japanese tourists spent US$76.77 daily.

Most Japanese and Chinese tourists looked to buy -Taiwanese-style desserts and snacks, the survey showed. Chinese tourists were also interested in purchasing jewelry and jade from Taiwan, while Japanese preferred to buy Taiwanese tea, clothing and other personal accessories.


The survey also revealed that scenic destinations and food were identified as the two main reasons foreign tourists visited Taiwan.

While in Taiwan, tourists mainly shopped or visited night markets, the survey showed.

The main tourist attractions were night markets, Taipei 101 and the National Palace Museum.

When asked to name their favorite scenic destination, Japanese tourists spoke highly of Jioufen in New Taipei City, while Chinese named Sun Moon Lake as their favorite spot.

Shilin Night Market in Taipei and Liouhe Night Market in Greater Kaohsiung were the two most popular night markets among tourists.

The survey also found that most tourists commented favorably on the warmth and friendliness of Taiwanese.