Making travel dreams come true


The Discover.Travel Group is dedicated to making your dream vacation a reality. Created by travelers for travelers, their personalized vacation packages will meet and exceed your expectations. Combining their broad personal travel experience with years of expertise in travel management and top-notch service, they create a unique travel experience for you – your dream vacation.

Their expert team of travel agents is composed of seasoned travelers, who combined have personally explored all five continents and are passionate about helping you make your dream vacation come true.

Team members are North Americans, Europeans, and Central and South Americans, fluent in English and at least one more language, who have traveled extensively to numerous countries around the world, gaining unique insights and insider’s knowledge of the destinations they now recommend to clients. Being passionate travelers themselves, they combine an intuitive understanding of your travel wishes and needs with the expertise and experience it takes to make your dream vacation come true.

Discover.Travel is one of the travel web sites of Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) – an innovative online travel company that offers differentiated travel services to travelers wanting unique experiences. Today, ITS offers a portfolio of travel services and destinations that differentiates it from the market standards. With expertise in travel management, world-class personalized service, and careful selection of destinations and travel products, ITS achieves excellence in travel and has been elected South and Central America’s Leading Travel Agency, as well as nominated for World’s Leading Travel Agency by the World Travel Awards.

The Intelligent Leisure Solutions Group was created by a group of friends and colleagues in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil in 1999. Since then, it has spun off several companies, including Intelligent Travel Solutions (ITS) with its many websites – one being Discover.Travel. The group is currently led by Robert Phillips, a US citizen born in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He spent most of his non-adult life living throughout South America – Brazil (Amazon, Salvador, and Rio de Janeiro), Bolivia, and Colombia. The opportunity to discover new places and cultures early in life has caused a passion for travel, which Robert has enjoyed sharing with friends during numerous trips.

A favorite place to go and dream about a dream vacation is Robert’s Bucket List. Created during years of traveling and leading the Discover.Travel Group, Robert collected a list of his favorite travel destinations to go to at least once in a lifetime: Grand Canyon Rafting, Alaska Travel and Cruise, Galapagos Small Ship Cruise, Africa Wildlife Safari, Amazon Jungle Experience, Machu Picchu Inca Trail Hike, Chile’s Atacama Desert, Ski in Chile’s Valle Nevado. Could one of these destinations be your dream vacation?

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