RETOSA brings in Seychelles as its most recent member


The Chairperson of RETOSA, Zimbabwe’s Dr. B.S. Maunganidze, Permanent Secretary of The Zimbabwe Ministry of Tourism, welcomed the Seychelles delegation as RETOSA’s newest member.

Dr. Maunganidze had personally traveled to Seychelles earlier this year to discuss with the tourism authorities of the islands the need for a united Southern Africa region. As the Chairman of RETOSA for 2010/2011, Dr. Maunganidze had the pleasure of personally welcoming Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, and his delegation to take their place as RETOSA’s newest member.

The admission of the Seychelles took place at the SADC’s Tourism Ministers Meeting at Livingstone Meeting in Zambia after Alain St.Ange had presented a passionate plea in his address to the meeting. “Seychelles remains a firm believer of regional intergration and for Africa to work with Africa,” said Alain St.Ange as he was being welcomed by Dr. Maunganidze.

Dr. Maunganidze said that Seychelles can bring a lot to the organization. “They are a country totally dependent on tourism, and they have shown that they are managing their tourism industry with ability and flair,” said Dr. Maunganidze.