Travel and Transport buys out another travel company

Travel and Transport buys out another travel company

In the last three years alone, Travel and Transport has tripled in size. Travel and Transport launched a big data solution company known as DVI in 2017. 

The current announcement of acquiring Radius Travel follows the most recent purchase of London-based travel management company Statesman Travel in 2017. Headquartered in the City of London, Travel and Transport Statesman focuses their business on savings, service and simplicity. 


Other recent acquisitions by Travel and Transport include Ultramar Travel Management, Inc. in New York; the investment in DERPART MfG Reisen, a travel management company in Munich, Germany, and Lucerne, Switzerland; and the opening of a Travel and Transport office in Lyon, France, along with other moves it has made to bolster its position globally. 


“This acquisition will harness the power of Travel and Transport, with the global reach of Radius and its network partners. This is a significant component of our global strategy going forward.” stated Travel and Transport CEO, Kevin O’Malley.


The benefits of this single ownership will deliver global data consolidation and visualisation and greater buying power, which will benefit customers globally.


“When we began the process of consolidating ownership of Radius Travel in 2011, we viewed it from the perspective of how best to serve the clients of Radius Travel,” said Tim Fleming, president and chief operating officer of Travel and Transport and Radius Travel chairman of the board of directors. “Now, as a singularly owned global network, we will strengthen the customer experience by expanding our collective offerings focused on customer service, technology and operations.”


Shannon Hyland, current president and CEO of Radius Travel, will assume the position of senior vice president of Global Services for Travel and Transport. Radius Travel will continue to operate out of its global headquarters office located in Bethesda, Maryland. Kieran Hartwell has been promoted and will now serve as president of Radius Travel.


The travel network will continue to work with its 100+ partner agencies across six continents, meeting and exceeding the needs of their clients. “Our mission is to grow multinational business through the network, and to achieve that, we must continue to maintain a laser focus on the customer,” said Hartwell.


Travel and Transport is a founding member of Radius Travel.




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