Zanzibar international tourism exhibition kicks off this week


Flagging a banner for the promotion of sustainable, responsible and greener tourism for tomorrow, the first, premier Zanzibar international tourism show will take place on Wednesday this week in Africa’s tourist island of Zanzibar, famous for beach holidays on the Eastern Coast of the Indian Ocean.

More than 130 exhibitors are expected to participate in the first ever Zanzibar Tourism Show to be staged from 17th October to 19th, at Verde Hotel Mtoni in the Island.

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President of Zanzibar Dr. Ali Mohammed Shein is expected to grace the opening ceremony together with other dignitaries including policymakers, tourist business stakeholders and key players in travel trade from various nations participating in the event.

Zanzibar’s  Minister of Information, Tourism and Heritage Mahmoud Thabit Kombo said that the show has attracted a good number of exhibitors to participate and display their tourism products.

Tourist hotel stakeholders, ground tour handling companies, airlines, market development and other travel trade service providers have registered their participation, the Minister told eTurboNews.

“The show is part of promotional strategy in tourism sector initiated by the government of Zanzibar and private sector aimed to further assist Zanzibar destination in its sustainable positioning in global market”, added the Minister.

He said that the contribution of tourism to economic wellbeing of the Island is immense. Zanzibar depends on the quality of service provided and scale of promotion of its tourist products and services to global holidaymakers.

Carrying strong thematic message “Responsible Tourism for Better and Greener Tomorrow”, the Zanzibar Tourism Show adds values to the Island’s national agenda on its plan to reduce poverty and promote tourism for all agenda.

It is expected as well to increase visibility, an unparallel occasion for publicity and visibility, to give an opportunity for enriching the Island’s rich tourism industry.

Zanzibar strides well in this sector for the last 20 years since the government embarked on economic reforms and transformation, thus shifting from mono-crop economy to more diverse economies”, the Minister said.

The three-day show will include field trips touring the Island’s beaches, Sightseeing, film screening, tourism workshops, seminars and Networking.
Award giving ceremony will mark the end of the Zanzibar Tourism Show to honour champions in tourism who are the pioneers and the brains behind tourism development in Zanzibar.

Tourism is Zanzibar’s largest economic sector and essential for the Island’s socio-economic stability. It accounts for 27 per cent of GDP, 80 percent of foreign revenue and provides the highest private sector employment with 72,000 jobs, Minister Mahmoud Thabit Kombo said.

On the other hand, the Executive Secretary of the Zanzibar Commission for Tourism (ZCT), Dr. Abdullah Mohammed noted that the Island has been

consistent with its long term national tourist strategy that aimed to grow tourism to reach its peak.

“Our aim is to grow further by increasing the number of visitors visiting the Island, exploring more destinations that attracts a significant number of domestic and international visitors”, Dr. Abdullah said.

“Zanzibar boasts an enviable collection of tourism, major event and business event experiences and attracts a significant number of domestic and international visitors to the Island; and with a changing economic environment, increase in importance every year”, noted Dr. Abdullah. 

The Ministry of Information, Tourism and Heritage is working with key stakeholders including the Zanzibar Association of Tourism Investors (ZATI), Zanzibar Association of Tours Operators (ZATO) and other key partners in order to implement and support to identify the Island’s potentiality in tourism.

The minister is also a board member of the newly formed African Tourism Board.

“Major directions identified in the tourism agenda and national plans is to increase our focus on growth markets, build stronger collaboration between Zanzibar and the rest of the world as a priority area”, he said.

Zanzibar has demonstrated ability on how the tourism sector contributes twin goals as mentioned in the United Nation’s Sustainable Goal targeting elimination of extreme poverty and promoting shared prosperity.

The Island has recently scooped prestigious the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) award for the emerging tourism destination market. The award ceremony was held in Cairo, Egypt last month.

Javed Jafferji, Vice Chairman of Zanzibar Tourism Show, an ardent entrepreneur in tourism and renowned Photojournalist said the tourism show targets to promote the Island’s tourism and investments, also to attract more investors in the sector.

So far, with its unspoiled white-sandy beaches, Zanzibar has lured a big number of investors in hotels, tour companies, and international airlines, all putting tourism and Zanzibar as a hotspot to boost tourism also adding a value of the sustainability in tourism.

Currently, Zanzibar tourism is expanding and growing very fast with myriad of activities that visitors could coddle in. Beach sports feature strongly, Windsurfing including kite surfing, snorkeling, dhow cruises, kayaking, parasailing and stand up paddle barding can be enjoyed all the year round in the Island’s beaches.