Ambassador publishes book on ties between China and Seychelles


The Seychelles Ambassador to China, Philippe Le Gall, has just published a book on the friendly ties between the Seychelles and China. This goes beyond his work, because the work of an Ambassador is for many people an enigma, as it entails a dedicated service to one’s country that often extends beyond the professional calls of duty.

Such has been the contribution the Seychelles Ambassador to China, Philippe Le Gall, who has written a book in order to promote Seychelles in China; to attract more Chinese visitors, both tourists and investors; to promote Seychelles’ culture in China; and to make more Chinese people aware of the lively historic connection between the two countries.

“I wanted to pay a tribute to two global leaders and true statesmen: President James Alix Michel and President Hu Jintao, the architects of Seychelles-China’s deep friendship. Seychelles-China relations are warm, mature, responsible, and based on a fair and sincere understanding of the two countries’ common interests. We have healthy bilateral relations of friendship and cooperation,” said Ambassador Le Gall after he presented the book to President Michel in May.

Ambassador Le Gall shares his deep enthrallment with his two great loves: Seychelles and China, and tells the story of his journey to build bridges between them in an extraordinary way. With a keen eye for the art, the culture, the people, and history which binds the two nations, the Ambassador gives the reader an insight into the living experience of Sino-Seychellois friendship.

The book, “A Selection of texts on Seychelles and China,” will be launched on Seychelles National Day on June 18 in Beijing during a reception held by the Seychelles embassy and the Seychelles Tourism Board. The event will also mark Seychelles’ participation in the Beijing International Tourism Expo 2011 and also the 35th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries. The event will be a special Creole evening with music and dance from Seychelles – one of the top world tourism destinations – and a buffet serving a number of Seychellois delicacies.

Members of the Chinese government, the diplomatic corps, and 200 Chinese travel agents and tour operators will come to celebrate Seychelles as a unique tourism destination on China’s outbound tourism market.

Ambassador Le Gall said that the book will be presented to President Hu Jintao and all top members of Chinese government, as well as all governors of provinces and the mayors of main cities, as well all ambassadors in China and the the 500 richest men and women in China according to Forbes and Fortune magazines.

The book is predominately in Mandarin Chinese, but also has chapters in written in French and English.

Advanced Business Park-ABP, under the leadership of ABP Chairman Mr. XU Weiping, fully sponsored the publication of 2,000 copies of the book. The books are not for sale as they are a promotional tool.