US Congressman Sablan en route to Marianas as Typhoon Melor threatens


US Congressman Gregorio Kilili Camacho Sablan has departed Washington and is en route to the Northern Mariana Islands to make sure that all necessary federal assistance is available after Typhoon Melor.

In a teleconference with Federal Emergency Management Agency officials this morning, Sablan reviewed details of the agency’s preparations for the storm.

Melor was 245 miles east of Saipan at 02:00 local time, Saturday, October 3 (noon, Friday, October 2 in Washington) and is expected to pass through the Marianas archipelago Saturday afternoon. The storm has maximum sustained winds of 130 mph and is predicted to intensify slightly over the next 24 hours.

FEMA reported to Sablan that it has at this time approximately 30 personnel in place in Guam and a small response team on Saipan. FEMA maintains a significant supply of emergency commodities on Guam and is prepared to bring these where they are needed by helicopter and barge.

90,000 meals and 95,000 units of water are available to feed storm victims. 2,500 cots and 4,000 blankets are on hand. In addition, the agency has 85 generators on Guam ready to be dispatched to supply emergency power in the event the typhoon takes out the utility system.

Additional updates will be issued, as Typhoon Melor bears down on the Marianas. Update information is also available at