SkySearch, the “future of aviation charter”


DUBAI, UAE – With an aim of keeping up with the fast moving pace of the aviation business Air Charter International has developed a revolutionary new online charter program that will completely change the face of the aviation industry.

An online charter website, SkySearch allows users, whether corporate, private or governmental to book a charter online with just a click of a button.

With a simple and easy to follow registration process, immediate pricing, images, empty legs, news, promotions and latest availabilities clients can charter aircraft 24 hours a day, seven days a week all year round.

Charter Sales broker Colin Darmanin worked extensively on the development of this online charter tool and reiterates that it is a one of a kind technology when it comes to aircraft charters.

“The unique thing about SkySearch is that it empowers its clients with information whenever they need it and wherever they are, ensuring increased efficiency and a faster response time.”

SkySearch is the first web portal of its kind that allows clients to book real aircraft. “Many times when chartering online, a website will generate a cost based on the estimated availability of an aircraft. When you charter online with SkySearch, you will be booking the aircraft that you see on the website”, said Mr. Darmanin.

Enquiries made through SkySearch are then logged on Air Charter Internationals internal database where a member of the Commercial Sales team is notified and begins working on the task. He also stated that since the test runs they have received some very positive feedback from the initial batch of users and is confident that SkySearch is on the verge of becoming a real success.

Stuart Wheeler, CEO of Air Charter International says: “We believe SkySearch is the future of the modern aviation consultancy, providing instant and accurate information at any time

Maintaining their twenty four hour on call sales team and dedicated Operations Ground staff for every flight ensures that Air Charter International can deliver on the information guests received from SkySearch, quickly and efficiently.