Travel News magazine uncovers secrets of Seychelles



The respected journalist from Kenya, Steve Shelley, writes in the last issue of Travel News under an article entitled, “Secrets from the Seychelles.” Steve Shelley tells of his voyage of discovery to Kenya’s near neighbor. Steve says that it is important for the East African Country to appreciate how close Kenya is to the Seychelles. Nairobi is the closest hub to the rest of the world, Travel News writes.

“Seychelles is an East African Country, and Africans should be going there all the time. Peoples from other parts of the world would die to be at the doorstep of the Seychelles. These islands are akin to paradise, and it is not a holiday destination only for the rich and famous,” the Travel News writes.

Steve Shelley also speaks of the affordable Seychelles campaign bringing out the point about the whole variety of accommodation now on offer in the Seychelles ranging from 40 euro to 4,000 euro per night. The article is complimentary about a Seychelles holiday and is encouraging Africa to visit its very own island nation.

Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board, said that he was delighted about the article in Travel News. “We have been working on getting Africa to get to know Africa and in so doing it will help boost the drive for twin-center holidays, and it will remind everyone on the need for Africa to work more together in the field of tourism.”