Expo Luxe study precedes Rome exhibition


(eTN) – The 2011 survey on individual wealth promoted by Expo Luxe reveals that with net financial assets of more than 500,000 euro are 703,000, and among these, the “super rich” with assets of over one million euro are 250,000.

Among the super-rich, which excluding home ownership, exceeds one million euro, there are the “very-rich” (up to 10 million euro) that, according to the search completed by Expo Luxe, are almost 237,000. And, the “ultra-rich” (over 10 million euro) are about 14,000.

Expo Luxe, from September 14-18, 2011, will celebrate the second edition of “The Fair of Luxury in Rome” (info: 06 organized by AJCOM and the magazine dedicated to the world of luxury, “World & Pleasure,” has recategorized, adapting to the Italian realities, the variables that define at international standard of the High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) – an expression commonly used in the world of luxury and international finance to refer to people who have a high net worth capital.

So the category of High Net Worth Individual (over one million US dollars in the USA) flows into the category of the “rich” that the investigation of Luxe Expo, whose mission is to promote luxury to drive the economy, are those with net financial assets of more than 500,000 euro, excluding home ownership, and in Italy counts at 703,000.

But if we take into account the value of the property, the total number of the rich in Italy is over 1.6 million people.

In the study by Expo Luxe, the Very High Net Worth individual (over 5 million dollars) becomes the equivalent in Italy to the “very rich” (1 to 10 million euro), and the Ultra High Net Worth individual (over 50 million dollars) becomes the equivalent to the “ultra rich” (over 10 million euro). The two categories combined constitute the category of “super rich.”