Seychelles ahead of the game as carnival brochure comes out of production


The Seychelles is wasting no time to be ready for their 2012 edition of the islands’ “Carnaval International de Victoria.” This week, they issued a statement to say that their brochure for the Seychelles 2012 Carnival is ready. They are getting ready for all the upcoming tourism trade fairs and workshops to promote the island’s unique carnival. Seychelles staged a carnival with a difference in March this year, which has since been dubbed accross the world as the “carnival of carnivals.”

The Carnival in Seychelles has the world’s best carnivals parade alongside the cultural groups from the Community of Nations under the theme of the “Melting Pot of Cultures.”

“African Culture Groups from Zanzibar, Tanzania, from Zimbabwe, and from South Africa paraded side by side with [the] Notting Hill Carnival from the UK, followed by a large cultural group from Indonesia, one from South Korea, and one from China before Hawaii and the La Reunion Island Group took their place ahead of the Brazilian Girls, etc. This is the difference of this Seychelles carnival from the other carnivals of the world. The Community of Nations is today using this carnival to showcase their own people, their own culture, and their own traditions alongside the best carnivals the world puts on,” said Alain St.Ange, the CEO of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

The Seychelles have already issued their promotional poster and their pop-up publicity banner for the island’s 2012 carnival. They have presented the carnival to the Indian Ocean Vanilla Island’s Group and will be using the Southern Africa RETOSA Minister’s Meeting in Livingstone this week to again continue alerting the Community of Nations that this new forum exists where every country can participate beyond any political or religious affiliation and showcase their own people, culture, and traditions.

The Seychelles were recently at the INDABA Tourism Trade Fair in Durban South Africa and at the ATM Tourism Fair in Dubai, and they wasted no opportunity for making known that Seychelles today offers to the world a unique carnival, which is now regarded as the only “Carnival of Carnivals.”