Sealegs – a novel way to keep the guests’ feet dry


(eTN) – The Maia Luxury Resort and Spa recently introduced an innovation to the archipelago, allowing their guests to keep their feet dry and their shoes on when either returning from their yachts moored off the resort’s beach or else leaving for a day trip to sail around the island.

“Sealegs,” a motorized skiff with three wheels, is based at the resort and guests can board on the shore before they are driven into the water, the wheels then lifted and, presto, there begins the sea journey proper. This correspondent had several exhilarating rides with the skiff, and while getting a lot of spray into the face, nevertheless managed to keep the shoes dry as the boatman, in this case Frederick Vidal of the Maia, promised.

The “Sealegs” also allows for the loading of provisions and supplies for the yachts without the risk of dropping boxes or valuables into the ocean waters. It is understood that after seeing the new contraption in action, a number of other resorts already approached the Maia for details of where “Sealegs” can be purchased, so visitors can look forward to seeing this level of comfort and ease spread soon to other parts of the inner and outer islands.

The same name “Sealegs” was, incidentally, also chosen for the Maia-sponsored catamaran in the recently-concluded Seychelles Regatta.