British tourists increasingly focusing on Spain


LONDON, England – According to Travelmatch, holidays to Spain are proving to be very popular with British tourists. The new travel discovery engine noted that an increasingly large proportion of its customers were choosing to book trips to the European nation.

Spain has a wide variety of resorts, the majority of which are centred on its lovely beaches. Costa del Sol is a very popular area, while the Balearic and Canary Islands also attract their fair share of visitors. According to Travelmatch, Brits are particularly drawn to affordable package holidays which take them to excellent hotels such as Club Magic Life Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

Data from other sources has confirmed the popularity of holidays to Spain – according to the country’s tourism ministry, 1.15 million Brits arrived in April, while over 900,000 people visited the Canary Islands in that same month. According to the UN World Tourism Organisation, 52.6 million foreigners travelled to Spain in 2010.

Alex Francis of comments: “It is no surprise to see the continued popularity of Spain, yet we are happy to see such large numbers visiting this year. This country is an amazing tourist destination thanks to its wide variety of seaside resorts, and with so many options there is sure to be the perfect spot for every group.”

Francis continues: “Spain is a particularly good option for cost-conscious travellers who still want to have a good time. Indeed, there are lots of affordable packages to spots like the Hotel Blue Sea Gran Playa in the Balearics that are perfect for couples and families alike. In these tough economic times everybody is looking to save wherever possible. This certainly applies to holidays – thankfully, Spain offers British tourists a wide array of beautiful, relaxing and affordable resorts.”