Kenya says molest a child, go to jail!


Three people were sentenced to long prison terms in Nairobi last week after being found guilty of child molestation, statutory rape, and subjecting minors to prostitution.

The main culprit, former managing director of the Nairobi Java Coffee House, Mr. Jon Wagner, will serve at least 15 years behind bars, while his suppliers – two Kenyan women who had brought the school girls to Wagner – were jailed for 10 years each.

The three schoolgirls who had reported the crimes were all under age and were said to have been brought to Wagner under false pretenses to secure scholarships or other support.

The convicted rapist, according to the prosecutors, then drugged and sexually assaulted the girls.

Kenya has long made it known that it will employ the full extent of the law to bring pedophiles to book, should these predators come to the country in search of innocent victims.

However, this has been the first major case involving a resident foreigner who colluded with local Kenyans to satisfy his depraved mind.

Sex tourism has, in recent years, taken to “outing, naming, and shaming” of those engaged in these disgusting activities, and the world’s leading tour operators, hotel chains, tourist boards, and the travel media have all worked hand in hand to first reduce and then eliminate these shameful activities under the disguise of tourism.

Reports indicate that the accused plan to appeal their sentences.