Suppliers of Relief find Airlink to be the Missing Link

Being able to collect supplies for relief is the backbone of any relief program, but what about the logistics of shipping? In addition to the costs there is always the issue of finding room to transport the goods in a timely manner.

A water company was recently trying to send water to Japan and was quoted $10,000. The water was one third the value. Artisans whose income rely on dollars from their exports are quickly put out of business when it comes to the final hurdle of finding affordable passage of the goods.

The first step is for suppliers to get their goods packaged and ready for shipping. The 3rd step is for distributor on the other side to unpack it and deliver it. The question was always about the 2nd step, transportation and the logistics of finding room on carriers who could donate space for supplies and relief to be transported.

ISTAT Airlink is the outcome of a long time need in the chain of links that creates a successful relief program. Airlink matches cargo space with need of suppliers, a simple but arduous task.
ISAT Airline is all about logistics, they find the space and they get the products loaded. It is a minute by minute transaction and there are changes each day. Fasten your seatbelt as we talk to Ty Prettyman, in charge of business development from ISTAT-Airlink.

Sandy introduces Ty to her audiences as she plans to leave for Japan to do a short relief mission, thanks to the support of organizations like ISTAT – Airlink!

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