Icelandair flights back to normal


As the clean-up operation at the now-world-famous Grimsvotn volcano in Iceland continues with the eruption slowly coming to an end, Keflavik International Airport, Icelandair’s main hub, has reopened and all flights have resumed to normal.

According to officials, most of the country was totally unaffected by the volcanic ash and the affected area in South Iceland has seen overwhelming support from all around the country.

An influx of volunteers and helpers to the area have helped to speed up the clean-up process and now, with all of the roads in the area being reopened, the South Iceland tourism industry is looking forward to a bright summer.

Curious visitors have already begun to flock to the area, eager to check out the affected area and see the ash for themselves. Visits to the crater are not yet allowed, as the eruption has yet to be officially declared finished.

But enterprising tour companies are already planning to take advantage of Iceland’s newest geological wonder. Eyjafjallajokull – the star volcano of 2010 – is also in South Iceland and tourists have been able to visit that since last summer. It is still one of the most popular tours on offer and an Eyjafjallajokull museum opened on the eruption’s first anniversary.